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Baby gewikkeld in deken

Ilse Jansen

Hannah is fantastic! This was the 2nd time she came to our booth and we had a wonderful time with her. We miss her again! She reads a baby all the way through and can give super good advice. Even with the birth of our third child, we have learned a lot. Hanna does much more than is necessary. She is an expert in breastfeeding and natural parenting. Just because of Hanna I would consider another baby ;-) 3

Newborn Baby

Angelica Dekkers

Hanna is very professional, but also very pleasant. She knows a lot about her profession and can teach you what the baby language is. She makes you feel confident quickly to handle your baby. Hanna was a great maternity nurse and I couldn't have asked for a better one. Thanks Hannah!

pasgeboren slaap

Claasje van Haagen

After a very tough delivery with a lot of blood loss, we came home from the hospital. Hanna immediately came to give us some tips to get through the first night at home as well as possible. The following days she introduced us to our baby using the Dunston baby language. We had already heard in the hospital that we had a very calm baby, but with the arrival of Hanna he became even calmer. She helped us learn the intricacies of breastfeeding and within 3 days our son and I were a great team and he was growing like weed (and that after all the blood loss). The week ended with a wonderful baby massage that our little one enjoyed very much! Hanna's skill and knowledge will help you, especially with your first baby, to make a soft landing at the biggest change of your life. We will take the knowledge and skills with us forever and we will apply it to our next children and where possible transfer it to our friends, family and acquaintances who are having another baby. Hannah, thank you so much for everything!

Moeder die babyvinger vasthoudt

Roxanne Buisman

Thanks to Hanna we got off to a fantastic start with our daughter. She has been a very satisfied girl from the start, through Hanna we have learned to understand her communication with us, so that we are often ahead of the crying. The maternity week went very well, Hanna comes with an enormous amount of knowledge and experience, so that we went into parenthood with great confidence.

Kleine voeten

Maiken Haskins

We had a great experience with Hanna. She was really helpful and provided a lot of support for everything related to baby, mother and even household tasks. We've learned a lot from Hanna in our first week as parents and she has equipped us with great knowledge and confidence to continue by ourselves. Would recommend her care to anyone.

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