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maternity care

Medical background:

Every maternity nurse has a medical background. I am continuously educated and trained. This way I am always aware of the most recent developments in her field, and I am also trained according to the KCKZ. Medical care is actually the most important part of my duties.


After registration there is a telephone intake to go through everything and answer possible questions.

I come by 2 months before the birth for a second intake. It is important to be aware of the health situation, the family situation, wishes and expectations of me as a maternity nurse, so that we can make good agreements. In this way I am optimally prepared and I ensure the most comfortable maternity period possible.

After birth:

The maternity nurse keeps a close eye on the health of the baby, but also of you. The maternity nurse has an important signaling function, when something is not going well she sees that. She will immediately take action and discuss any problems with you and your midwife and/or GP.


What does a maternity nurse do during the maternity period:

The maternity nurse provides information and instructions about the care of the newborn and carries out checks on the newborn and maternity woman. The maternity nurse also assists the maternity nurse with feeding the baby. The maternity nurse is not only there for you and your child, but also for the rest of the family, I support with the household tasks that relate to mother and child. At Hanna Kraamzorg I am available 24/7.

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